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Dtsch. Med. Wschr. 92, 1022 - 1027 (1967)Source of former 'German Medical Monthly'

Differential diagnosis of Bartter’s syndrome

[Zur Abgrenzung des "Bartter‑Syndroms"]
Ein Fall von Angiotensinresistenz der Gefäße, erhöhtem Plasmarenin, erhöhter Aldosteronsekretion und anovulatorischem Menstruationszyklus

Alexander M, Praetorius F.


A 32-year-old women was admitted with severe hypokalemia, hypochloremic alkalosis and hypotension resistant against angiotensin. The symptoms returned monthly in combination with anovulatory cycles of unknown cause. The electrolyte metabolism (i. e. the electrolyte excretion continuously, serum parameters including the hormonal state) was controlled over two months. The differential diagnosis in relation to Barrter’s Syndrome has been discussed.

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